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What They Said About KTE&SWSI

“ I have immense pleasure in expressing my deep sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to the organization DARABAR SAHITYA SANSAD (KTE&SWSI), Khurda, Odisha for providing an opportunity to learn about farmer producer company. I find words inadequate to express our immense gratitude to Mr. Kedareshwar Choudhary, Director (Programmer's), Team Leader and my Reporting officer who facilitated our accommodation and made me to learn all the MTS components. KTE&SWSI provided good facility to learn rural development concept.
In order to complete field work successfully, I would like to present special thanks to KTE&SWSI staff and all farmer producer company Members and villagers who provided their valuable time and made our task easier. ”

- Lakhan Jat

“ KTE&SWSI is a very good organization to learn about Rural Development. They have varied range of activities and projects from handicrafts, to agriculture to micro-finance to migration. All the projects look at holistic development of Odisha and the villages in Khurda. They have field partnership with very prestigious organisations like Rang De, Govt agencies etc. I was particularly impressed with their work in organic farming and disaster management which are both needed in Orissa. Its a good organization to be a part of as they handle CSR activities for several well renowned corporates. My experience was personally great. As students from XIMB we were well taken care of. The staff were very nice to us and showed us the village. I had a wonderful time both in terms of learning and life experience. ”

- Aparna Sridhar
Intern, XIMB

“ The meeting and field exposure organized was very nice and effective learnt a lot regarding vegetable cultivation. Participants enjoyed a lot and the cooperation and welcome we received from the villagers was heart touching. ”

- Ipsapratibimbita Sarangi
National Foundation for India

“ I am on official visit to KTE&SWSI to take a session on Business and management for Directors of FPO promoted by KTE&SWSI with support from NABARD. KTE&SWSI is a committed NGO and partner of NABARD for last 20 years. I wish them all the best in future endeavors. ”

- N. L. Sahoo

“ I am satisfied to visit NGOs resource center. The NGO has capacity to provide training and exposure visit to APO. Overall visit is good and NGO should go ahead with farming activities. ”

- K. Sahoo

“ A visit after nearly 26 years was a very fruitful one. We have continued to strengthen our partnership through several bottlenecks, challenges and look forward to grooming our work together. ”

- Roopa Mehta
Sasha, Kolkata

“ Very nice to visit KTE&SWSI at Sodhua. The MF sector is reaching the rural poor at the time of need and at doorstep. Handicrafts need to be diversified. Good luck. ”

- Dibakar Maharana
Retired Chief manager SBI, Ex PE-OLM

“ It is always nice to see and observe KTE&SWSI’s commitment to the inclusive growth of the society. Keep things roll on. ”

- Jayant Kumar Sahoo

“ The activities and efforts made by KTE&SWSI are praiseworthy. The steps taken up by them for upliftment of rural poor is outstanding. I wish them all success in their future endeavor. ”

- P. K. Panda

“ Participated in the workshop 'Problems and Prospects of Migrant Workers' organized by KTE&SWSI on 28.10.16. The organization have conducted a nice job for registration of migrant workers in the Balipatana block. The organization is also working effectively for solving the problems of migrant workers working outside the state. Wish them all success in future. ”

- Ranjan Swain
GPEO - Baliptana

“ Program 'Problems and Prospects of Migrant Workers'. I was invited as guest to speak about remittance facilities in bank from other states. It was a nice meeting. Initiative taken is excellent one. Definitely it will help migrant workers. Wish the organization all the best for future projects. ”

- Tairas Toppo
BM- SBI, Narada

“ The agency has been doing an excellent work in the area. Their commitment, involvement and dedication for upliftment of poor people in the area are praiseworthy. ”

- N. P. Parhi
AGM- NABARD, RO, Bhubaneswar

“ It is nice work by the organization for the farming community 'Seed Village'. Hope farmers will benefit by this programme. I wish all success of the organization. ”

- Manoranjan Raul
Assistant Agriculture Officer, Balipatana

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