Our Work

KTE&SWSI - Towards Sustainable Livelihood

Our Work

Our Vision is promoting equitable,
just, resilient and sustainable human-environment system

KTE&SWSI visualizes, educated people, and people like the, neglected
poor, aged, orphans and other marginalized groups in the society.
We have undertaken various welfare programs in various states like
Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himanchal, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan,
Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

  • Consumer Awarness Program
    A consumer awareness camp was organized to make them aware of the rights available under the consumer protection act. The program was highly appreciated by the attendants of the programs. It is generally found that the consumers, despite of paying competitive price are offered low quality products by the companies. Through the products are packed in very attractive packages but here quality happens to very low, this way consumer get cheated every day by the producers and sellers. The situation is got different in case of service also. There was no other business to be transacted. Therefore, the meeting was terminated with the vote of thanks to the chair.
  • Womens Welfare Program

    An awareness generation program aimed at making women aware about their fundamental rights was organized by the society. The program was attended by people from all walks of the life and it was felt by the attendant that these kinds of programs are very useful in the society like ours where women’s awareness about their fundamental rights is very low.

    Further, they were informed about various kind of schemes formed and execute by different Govt. Departments for welfare of the women’s either it is education, employment or technical guidance etc.

    The women participating in the program was informed about the need for education in the self-reliance of the women. The realized the need for education and greed to send their children particular the girl child to school. Further, it was resolved that the society will further organize similar programs in the near future.

    The women have been left behind in the economic independence. How make women self-dependent and the benefit of the self – dependence of the women was the theme of program organized by the society at the Gokalpuri Delhi. The program was attended by a large number of women who agreed to conduct programs at women literacy and independence in their respective areas.

    The nation who’s half of the population is women cannot afford to be complacent so long as its women have not achieved its rightful status. The prevalent crime against women in society is increasingly assuming an alarming proportion and as such women groups should be motivated to come forward to from their won group to combat the crimes perpetrated against them organization. firmly believes that women can never achieve their rightful position in the society so long as they are not properly educated & are made self reliant, and as such, has been constantly endeavoring to educate them and assist them to avail of micro credit facilities so as to enable them to set their won cottage industries.

  • Animal Husbandry & Immunization Camp For Animal

    Animal are also a part of our society and therefore it is necessary to work their welfare Animals like Cow, Buffalo, Ox, goat, and Dogs etc. are mainly covered for our welfare. We should also be carefully from street roaming animals I therefore we made proper arrangement Delhi for their shelter and fooding, Treatment of sick animals was also done with the help of veterinary doctors.

    We also organized a comp for the immunization of animal. Animals are not only beneficial for us but also they are dangerous. If they bite then it would then it would be harmful. Therefore the camp was organized to immunize them.

  • Awareness Camp On Prostitute Women & Girls
    We organized a camp for the welfare of prostitute women and girls at Delhi. It was very difficult to organize the camp for such a citizen of our society, As a result of our effort about 1500 women and girls took their participation in the camp. Very eminent personalities were also present in the camp. They also advised the prostitute women and girls, how to keep themselves away from their present profession.
  • Education & Literacy Program
    The society has regularly been conducted educational programs aimed at benefits of the masses and more particularly the people below the poverty line. The programmes have not recognition and appreciation from both the society and the authorities.

    As the village women expressed their need to have some arrangement for their young children while they are away from home for work, formal education centers and bald dies were opened in different villages. The aim was definitely not to use this as a vehicle of change out to motivate children especially the female, to go to school, as they were burdened otherwise with the task of taking care of the young kids, foregoing their education. Formal education center in eight village is a regular programme whereas balbari is not a regular programme wherever the need arises it is being implemented.
  • Aids & Cancer Awareness
    The society has been very active in raising awareness about cancer during the previous financial year the society organized various awareness programs in various school and at many other places. The experts described in details the reasons for cancer and the precautions needed to be taken generally, to remain safe from cancer. The awareness campaign against cancer included road shows and small meetings in the villages. In these camps the villagers were encouraged to remain away from the smoking and tobacco products. It is a real fact that majority of the cancer cases in India are of mouth is caused mainly due to very high rate of consumption of tobacco and tobacco made products. The People were demonstrated the after effects of the tobacco consumption and were educated for not to be taken away by the attractive advertisement of the pan masala’s etc. As because it is an infectious disease the danger that it poses is immense. The only way to escape AIDS is to be aware of all the ways in which AIDS can take place. A camp as organized by the society to educate people about the causes of AIDS and the precautions that one should take at the time of taking injections, blood and intercourse etc.
  • Anti-drug And Alcohol Program
    The society has been conducting camps aimed at raising awareness about the had effects of the alcoholism and drinking. The volunteers of the society went into villages to raise consciousness about the effects of smoking and drinking and use of tobacco. Help of posters and banners was taken to make the presentation. Apart from this the persons who have given up the habit of drinking encouraged people to follow them path and the restraint that one needs to taken to give up this habit.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
    Latest industries like information Technology, Biotechnology, entertainment and television provide a good opportunity before the young people to choose a rarer option but it has been seen that because of presence of such a wide range of options they feel confused and frustrated in choosing the career. The society organized a career-counseling program at Head Office. The liberalization has opened plethora of opportunities for the enterprising people. The biggest bottleneck in the process of removal of unemployment is the preference of jobs to self-employment, Society an attempt to encourage more youths to come forward towards setting up their own ventures organized one-day seminar at Delhi. Over 50 Young men attended the seminar. The participants were guided regarding the various opportunities available in the field of business and commerce, engineering and teaching and educational and social services sector. They were benefited a lot this program.
  • Cultural Program
    In an effort to demonstrate the rich cultural of India a cultural program was organized by the society Delhi. On this occasion different kinds of dance and other cultural program were arranged by the society. The performs were the school going children form the India. At the end of the program prizes were distributed among the good performers.
  • Water Conservation & Waste Land Development Camp
    A camp was organized by the society at Delhi to discuss the need for use of clean drinking water women were the main participant of the camp. Not only is this the need for proper water management was made understand to the participant. The participant agreed to use only pure water as the drinking water and further agreed to reduce the wastage of water further, the participants were demonstration that most of the disease concerned with stomach and lever and caused because of the us of impure drinking water. At last the secretary of society talk wasteland to grow vegetables, floriculture using the biodynamic techniques fertile land.
  • Organization Water Management Camp
    A camp was organized by the society at Gokalpuri to discuss the need for need for use of clean drinking water and preservation of water. Keeping in mind the drought conditions faced by many states every year the society thought that it was very necessary to raise concern over the deforestation which had been the manor contributing factor behind the droughts. The participant’s water. Further, the participants were demonstrated that most of the diseases concerned with stomach and lever are caused because of the use of impure drinking water, the participants further agreed to plant at least five trees every year.
  • Health And Family Planing Camp
    Considering very high level of reluctance on part of the villagers to adapt the family planning methods the population explosion has taken place-causing deterioration in the available resources like Food, Education, Housing Employment opportunities etc. A camp was organized by the society at Delhi to raise awareness about the bad effects of the disproportionate growth in the population. Help of audiovisual techniques was taken to make the presentation more effective. At the end of the camp condoms and contraceptive pills were distributed among the villagers. Workers of the society has suggested about the health care of children.
  • Training To Youth For Tailoring & Knitting
    Society has started the program at its administrative office. In this training center youth are provided training in field of Knitting and tailoring. The main aim of this program is to make the trainees so skilled that may become self-dependent and stand on their won feasts. Latest year 100 trainees took training from this center. This center is discharging its duties very effectively and earns good name and fame for the society have started their own knitting and tailoring business.
  • Road Safety Awareness Program
    Considering the need for increased knowledge about the traffic rules and the road safety awareness camp was organized at Delhi. The participants recognized the benefits accrued to them through this programs. Considering tremendous rise in the road accidents across the glove this kind of educative programs are highly value additive.
  • Food Horticulture & Processing Training Program
    Abundant availability of the raw materials at the local level presents a good opportunity in the food processing industry. There is a huge demand of Jam, Jelly ad Murabba etc. the urban market. In an attempt to encourage the young generation to explore the opportunities in the food processing industry a program was organized by the society. In this program training was imparted in preparation of the above – referred items.
  • Training To Farmers

    The farmers were trained in production and cultivation of Oil sees. There is a big opportunity in the cultivation of the oil seeds like Sunflower. Production of oil seeds is a very profitable farming and there is a need to adopt this system by more and more farmers. The seminar cum training program was attended by over 20 farmers.

    The economic prosperity of India lies in the prosperity of the farmers, Prospers farmer means prosper country and a healthy economy, but there is a big challenge ahead before the farmers of the country that is because of the implementation of the W.T.O. agreement. After the implementation of the W.T.O. agreement there has been done a big change in the agriculture has been done till date. Because of this imports will be allowed of all the grams freely. There is need to adapt to situation by chancing the strategy and by producing more cash crops. They were taught the pros and cons of the implementation of the W.T.O. agreement.

    The Secretary of the society tell the importance of vermin compose to the farmers.

  • Awareness Came On World Environment Day & Plantation
    On the occasion of world environment day at the Delhi a seminar was organized by the society to discuss the impact of erosion in the ozone layer. The factor that has contributed most in the erosion of the ozone layer is the environmental pollution. Help of audio visual aids was taken to display the effect of erosion. The seminar was attended by many noted personalities of the area. On the same occasion a painting contest was organized to display the effect of pollution on the living being. At the end of the program prizes were distributed among the good performers and all the participants took oath to plant at least 12 trees every year. Society also undertakes a program for plantations of trees are different areas in Delhi.
  • Community Development Initiatives
    It has been often discovered that gems of society remain hidden in absolute poverty leading a hand–to-mouth existence. If the adequate efforts can be canalized towards tapping these latent resources, nation’s overall human resources shall multiply in consonance with the grandiose vision of Rajeev Gandhi! “A strong & robust India providing an inspiration to the world in the areas of both material & spiritual development” MGVS keeping in view Rajeev Gandhi’s vision has been trying to tap the talent in the slums & rural areas among the marginalized section of the people through the community participation. These marginalized classes of people are imparted vocational & teaching trainings to tap their entrepreneurial skills to provide them an economic stability.
  • Vocational Guidance

    In view of general education proving insufficient qualification for getting a job. Vocational training has become a must for the bread & butter of today’s youth organization has remained committed to provide its children vocational training along with the formal education so as adequately equip them to fight the life’s battle with an over whelming confidence. This vocational training imparted at its various centers has received appreciation from various quarters. The training interalia comprises of computer software education, teacher training etc.

    The vision of development incorporated in the agenda of organization has helped in reducing the deprivation, oppression & unemployment among the youth who were fighting for survival. Organization in the long run remains committed to further reducing the desperation & frustrations brought about by unemployment to the economically deprived classes.

  • Free Medical Camp
    The soaring price of medicines is perceived to be beyond the means of poor section of society. Even the lack of adequate information is proving to be the strong barrier) on the way of receiving treatments in case of poverty stricken people. Organization has organized free medical camp for immunizing the people from various diseases (by providing injection, tablets & other medicines) with the help of resident communities & other development agencies working in health centers.
  • S.G.S.Y Program
    Our organization is running up the Self – Help Group Program in Delhi. In this program our organization is in such of the unemployed Group those are living B.P.L., person in above Block, Villages and convince to start the self – help Group Business in his villages and give him the training in his interested business and after successful training the organization will try in this self-help group members to save the group money turnover the money in his group members.
  • National Festivals
    To remind the days of pre-independence and to arouse the feelings of patriotism the society organization various programs on the occasions of Independence Day and republican day on the occasion of the Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth anniversary on 2nd of October, The program was a major success. On this occasion national anthem was sung and the national flag was hosted with the full honour. At the end of the program a cultural comprising of a dance and singing competition and a debate on the post independence India History was arranged by the society. The students of the society participated in the program and at the end of the program the prize were distributed among the winners of the contests.

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